Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

We do not sell or rent data in any form, nor use personally identifiable data (like an email address) for marketing without an explicit user opt-in.We do not persistently track users.

We do not share data with entities that we do not own, manage, employ or contract with the following exception(s):

  • 3rd party software services we utilize (commonly: analytics, content management services, newsletter or contact form services, hosting and anti-spam providers).

Our server that tracks users for purposes of monitoring and improving. This data is collected in aggregate and largely does not identify individual users with specific behaviors or actions.

Data may be collected via 3rd party tools like Google Analytics or by our servers or hosting service.

This site may use Javascript, cookies, or transparent images known as tracking beacons. Our server may log IP addresses, and if needed act upon those logs (generally only to prevent or investigate abuse).

However, like most sites we can usually see where our visitors came from (including the terms searched in search engines), what actions they took while on our site, what country and city the IP address of their internet connection is in, and what technology they used.

Normal users of our website (users who do not try to access protected content or submit content—which may include usernames, passwords, forms or comments) will likely never be tracked individually.

As an example, we track how many visitors each page gets but we usually have no idea if a specific visitor saw a specific page.

While this may seem invasive, this is standard practice for websites and we feel it important to disclose in plain terms.

This term privacy policy was drafted by  for use on client websites. These terms may not detail all applicable terms but instead are a baseline of transparency about and a general outline of policies.

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