Welcome to Clean-Outs.com

The businesses listed here will help clean up and clean out homes and businesses (and sometimes vehicles, storage units, barns etc.) when needed, no contract or long-term commitment needed.

Most of our listings are for service-based companies that do the work for you and will handle your biggest cleaning jobs and properly and safely recycle or dispose of the waste as is appropriate.

We are a directory dedicated to the cleanouts industry; We are NOT a lead generation service.

Here’s why that matters:

Useful, Relevant Categories
Many other sites have categories like ‘garbage removal’ and then lump any business that disposes of anything in anyway into that category so the listings are littered (ya see what we did there?) with landscaping businesses, garbage truck companies, and services that buy old junk cars etc.
We don’t do that, we have categories like junk removal, estate cleanouts, crime scene cleanup, asbestos removal, hoarding clean outs, foreclosure cleanouts, etc. and all upgraded listings have to choose a primary category so you know what kind of business they are.
Accurate, Transparent Contact Information
We don’t hijack traffic intended for local businesses and then ransom out those leads, we link to their sites and raise the visibility of their site and our site simultaneously
We Cater To Businesses With Websites
Much like having a business card, having a website is a hallmark of legitimacy. A website gives potential customers a way to learn more about a business and makes it easy for dissatisfied customers to write online reviews that others can easily find. Again, because we don’t forward inquiries from customers to the businesses listed, if you don’t have a website, there is no point in being listed here.
Business and Customer Friendly
We offer upgraded listings (your business gets a page of it’s own with expanded information) for an affordable, flat price of 8.88 per month. Listed businesses can’t pay more to be listed in additional locations (although you can add details about your service area) or included in irrelevant categories

Why Start a Directory Exclusively for Cleanout/Clean Up Services?

Hi, I’m Adam Powell and I’m the founder of clean-outs.com.

I’m an internet marketer from Columbus, Ohio. A good friend of mine is the owner of Junk King Columbus (which is actually located in the suburb of Dublin) and I got really familiar with the industry by working on their marketing.

Let me tell you, it wasn’t much fun.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m needed the work and am grateful to have had it but it was no walk in the park.

One of the big problems was categorization.

Yellow Pages doesn’t have a junk removal category so the closest thing was Trash and Rubbish Removal but those listings are often for companies that have fleets of garbage trucks offering curbside trash collection.

Somehow, their business got categorized as a junkyard (their website did mention ‘junk’ and ‘yard,’ due to being a junk removal company that would dispose of yard waste). Suddenly, my friend was wasting her time fielding calls about parts for cars and no matter how many times we manually changed the categorization on the Google listing, they’d always revert it back to the incorrect category.

Another big problem was adding pages to the website about the services they provided, due to being a franchise they were limited by corporate policies and they couldn’t create pages about their services.

So I decided to fix the situation by creating a website dedicated to that industry.

If you are a business that would like to be included here, or you have suggestions/corrections, please get in touch with me.